The vision of Better Everyday Fitness was to create a comfortable environment where a person can enter into and experience a healthy lifestyle no matter where they're starting. Better Everyday Fitness has teamed up with InMotion Physical Therapy Services in order to provide its members with a Doctor of Physical Therapy in order to keep people "in motion" so they experience their full potential.

     In order for someone to experience their full potential they must first be injury free. This is why we start with physical therapy. Dr Adam Guiliano and his staff of experienced physical therapists specialize in manual therapy skills that allow them to offer one on one patient care, to return people to their full function. Dr. Guiliano treats the spine and all extremities of the body; whether you are recovering from a surgery or trying to avoid it, Dr. Guiliano is committed to improving your overall function and getting you back to the things that you enjoy doing.

InMotion Physical Therapy Services Inc.