When you take advantage of our Supportive Nutrition Program we will educate you on how to properly balance your eating habits in order to sustain and build your lean muscle while you burn the body fat that you have been struggling to loose. You will accomplish this NOT by starving your body or depriving yourself of food groups, but by Balancing your intake of nutrients and learning how to make the healthiest choices that fit your lifestyle and food preferences.

Isn’t “counting calories” a mundane and stressful way of life? Not anymore! We take all of the guess work out of your hands. All you have to do is stick with the plan!

We will provide you with your very own Supportive Nutrition Portfolio that is filled with all of the Tools and Knowledge you need to achieve your goals and sustain them for life! Equipped with several Meal Plans tailored to your lifestyle and schedule, a large assortment of healthy and delicious Recipes so you don’t get bored of the “same old thing” and we will even take you to the Grocery Store to teach you the IN’s and the OUT’s of smart shopping!

What are the Benefits of Supportive Nutrition?

Strengthen the heart
Lower blood pressure
Increased HDL (Good Cholesterol)
Improve sleep
Increase energy
Decrease body fat
Increase body’s ability to metabolize fat
Prolong life
Prevent disease and illness

Eating healthier could not be any easier with Fresh Fit Foods in your life! Easily incorporated into any Nutritional Program, Fresh Fit Foods provides Health, Balanced, and Delicious Meals delivered to Better Everyday Fitness every Monday & Wednesday morning. You can order Directly thru Fresh Fit Foods and have meals delivered to your door!

Nutritional Supplementation

Over the years it has become more and more difficult for us to gain the nutritional necessities our bodies need on a daily basis. Not only does the factor of time hinder our ability to prepare and eat healthy, balanced and often; but the quality of our foods has diminished greatly over the decades. Our soils have been tapped greatly of their nutrients which directly decreases the quality of all our foods. So many of the foods we eat on a daily basis have also been contaminated with preservatives and chemicals in order to increase flavor, shelf life and profits. So, even when we actually put an effort into making The Healthy Choice, there is no guarantee that our foods are delivering all the nutrients our bodies need to be healthy and strong.

Supportive Nutrition

Nutritional Programming designed to Support:

Your Body

Your Mind
Your Life