Group Fitness Classes

No matter what your goals are, Better Everyday Fitness, LLC Group Strength & Conditioning Classes are a great way to reach them. With an Educational, Motivational & Inspirational class setting, our group fitness classes will deliver the Fun, Diversity, Encouragement, Instruction and Results that you are looking for!

Monday - Friday we have our Group Strength & Conditioning Classes which focus on a wide range of free weight, body-weight, barbell, explosive, core, balance and other important exercises to challenge your body in ways that will Burn Fat and Build Muscle!

Our Focus is Quality

At Better Everyday Fitness, LLC our number one priority is Quality! Quality Service, Quality Experience, Quality Results and above all Quality Movements. Therefore, every Client that comes to us for our Classes or Private Training is required to go through a Functional Screening. Why? In the world of fitness there are countless ways to injure yourself and we make sure that this will never happen to any one within our Community. We will teach you how to perform all the basic and complex movements that are used in our workouts and instill those patterns in your mind so you will gain the maximum benefit and remove injury from your fitness future. We will also instruct every individual on how to work past any mobility restrictions they may have and recommend specific exercises to correct them.

Functional Screening

The Functional Screening typically lasts 30-60 Minutes depending on our findings during these tests. As imbalances, limitations and/or pain is recognized we will educate you on how to prevent further damage, improve the movement patterns, and eventually eliminate the issues. If our findings fall outside our scope of expertise, we have a Dr. of Physical Therapy on Staff, Dr. Adam Guiliano, to further assist you. Our focus here at Better Everyday Fitness is to provide the most beneficial training experience possible. That is a Pain Free Body . . . note, we said PAIN FREE . . . not SORE FREE!