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The Better Everyday Fitness Community is always trying to participate:

-Team Events

-Local & Travel Races & Challenges

-Community Awareness

-Local Fundraising Events!

We aren't just in the business of improving health, we are in the business of improving lives!

Our Better Everyday Fitness Community works hard Everyday through proper execution of exercise, applying healthy eating habits, supporting each other through workouts, motivating each other during hard times and more. But, we also take the time to Celebrate together! As a Community we achieve great things and deserve to express the excitement of our achievements, let loose and have fun once in a while! Whether its a cookout, traveling to an event, weekend outings, local recreational activities, anything. Improvements in your health, performance and physique don't stop at the end of your workout or massage, they impact your entire life! So, why would our support stop there?! 

Better Everyday Team

Meet Coach John & Coach Melanie!

John & Melanie have been a successful Health & Fitness Team for over a decade, serving their community and helping to improve the quality of individuals lives through Proper Exercise, Nutritional Counseling, Wellness Coaching, and Massage Therapy.

John has been a Health & Fitness Professional for over 15 years. He acquired his certification as a Master Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant from the National Personal Training Institute, Certified Yoga Instructor, received an Associates in Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) from SUNY Delhi and has a Doctorate of Martial Arts. He began his career in the industry as a PTA at Panetta Physical Therapy in Bay Shore, NY where he acquired over 3 years of experience with Rehabilitation, Corrective Exercise, Functional Fitness, Corrective Stretching and more! John continues to aid countless individuals from the Professional Athlete lookin to improve their performance to the everyday individual looking to improve their bodies functionality and manage chronic pain.

Melanie has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 10 years. She graduated top in her class and completed her Associates in Occupational Science at the NY College of Health Professions in Syosset, NY. Melanie specializes in Medical Massage, which addresses ailments such as thoracic outlet syndrome, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, neck/shoulder impingement and so much more. Medical Massage does this by improving flexibility and increasing muscle recovery so you are at the top of your game. She incorporates a variety of other massage tools, such as warm stones in order to get the results you want and more. Although Melanie has a firm deep tissue approach, she also has the ability to provide the most relaxing massage one can experience in order to feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.